Forget Rome, Explore This Sicilian Gem in Italy That's All Sorts of Beautiful & Romantic!

Aug 07, 2022 400

BY: Prageet Goel

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” – Giuseppe Verdi. Ever since I moved to France, I wanted to experience La Dolce Vita and act like I was the lead in Eat, Pray, Love. But that didn't work out when my Christmas trip to Italy fell through; thanks to my broken sacrum! Ouch, right?

But you see, I don't give up that easily so, for my 23rd birthday I decided to book the cheapest flight I could find to Italy and bring in that 23rd year with a bang doing exactly what I love : Travelling! I'm glad I did that because the cheapest flight was till Catania and that's how I ended up discovering the Sicilian gem called Taormina, the Pearl of Mediterranean.

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