Genoa Murales: street art about social issue

Sep 29, 2021 428

Genoa, the 'Lady of the Sea', is one of Italy's four maritime republics with Amalfi, Venice and Pisa. Like many other maritime crossroads, Genoa's characteristic caruggi (vicols) have attended dramatic events and memorable stories, but also important people in the social field, in the Italia evolution towards self-improvement: the beauty of its murals and street art represent its journey of urban

It's 11.30 a.m. on the morning of 14 August 2018, and a violent summer cloudburst is breaking over Genoa. Hundreds of vehicles are travelling along with one of Liguria's main traffic street, the A10 viaduct that runs above the Polcevera riverbed. Suddenly, a deafening noise fills the air, and in a few minutes, a tragedy unfolds the Morandi bridge collapses and almost 200 metres of structure collapse, dragging several cars into the disaster in a whirlwind of sheet metal and iron.

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