Get a Taste of the Good Life on This Stunning, Old-School Italian Island

Feb 12, 2020 535

An island all the way down off the tip of the boot, Sicily is just far enough removed from the trodden tourist paths (Rome, Florence, Venice) that only regular visitors to Italy -- and those with ample vacation days -- tend to make it there. But that’s part of what makes it so special. When you speak of crowded sites on Sicily, you’re talking hundreds of visitors, not tens of thousands. There are no faux gladiators, no overpriced gondolas -- this isn’t Disney-fied Italy, served up on a tourist platter. Just the truest essence of Italy at its wildest.

This is a place at once timeless and charging forward with momentum, as a new generation of siciliani reinvigorates the island’s magnificent old bones. Popping up everywhere are world-class cocktail bars, Michelin-starred restaurants subtly preparing the freshest seafood, boutique hotels full of modern art in centuries-old spaces, and age-old wineries redefining what “Etna wine” means to the rest of the world.

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