Giorgio Armani: the opera of fashion

Feb 08, 2024 543

BY: Luca Cottini

Dear Friends of Italian Innovators, my core content for February is an episode on the king of Italian fashion, Giorgio Armani—a remarkable story of Italian innovation and entrepreneurship, which developed from an early career in medicine to the creation of one of the world’s most renowned fashion brands.

Among the topics: Giorgio's youth in Piacenza, between his fascination for theatre and the harshness of war. The liberation of Milan. The arrival of the Allies and the end of WWII. From Milan to Verona. Armani's medical career in the army. Return to Milan. Fashion apprenticeship at La Rinascente and the beginning of styling with Nino Cerruti. The encounter with Sergio Galeotti and the creation of the Giorgio Armani brand at age 41.

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SOURCE: Italian Innovators

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