Grande Natale! Italy’s over-the-top Christmas celebrations

Dec 23, 2020 567

BY: Paula Reynolds

It’s not even up for debate. Italy is one of the grandest places on earth. Period. What then would we expect during the Christmas season in Italy but the best of ways to celebrate it! One day? How about one month! Christmas Day —  it’s a big day for many reasons, a day that retailers started prepping us for in early July. But the 24 hours of the 25th day of December are up before you know it; time to start undoing all that tinsel and pack  it away for another year. 

Scoot over, one-day-celebration, and make way for a month of Buone Feste. The Italian way to celebrate the season commences on December 8th – the Feast of Immaculate Conception. Festivities continue in one form or another through Christmas Eve and Day, carrying forth through January 6th – Epiphany Day. A whole month filled with lively parades and festivals, copious amounts of food, and endless toasts definitely increases the odds of soaking up some holiday cheer. 

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