The History of Lamborghini

Jun 18, 2019 1370

The entire mystic of the Lamborghini revolves around Ferruccio Lamborghini, who was inspired and determined to make his dreams become reality. His determination and skill allowed him to succeed. Lamborghini’s parents were farmers. He was born in Renazzo on April 28, 1916. As he grew into a young man, his first love was mechanics and technology. He had no desire to follow in his parent’s footsteps. He studied technology in Bologna and when he graduated, he put his knowledge to work during WWII.

Lamborghini Tractors
When the war ended, Lamborghini returned home. He began purchasing old military vehicles and converting them into tractors, which were very hard to come by in postwar Italy. His venture was highly successful. This encouraged him to buy a workshop in Cento, in 1948. It was here that Lamborghini tractors were produced. By 1959, Lamborghini had extended his enterprise to include air conditioners and burners.

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