A History of Venetian Glassmaking

Jul 12, 2018 269

The origins of glassmaking in the area of the Venetian lagoon date very far back in history, with the first reliable reports of activity placing this art form in the 8th century. However, many centuries had to pass before the artisans of the area embarked into what would be the beginning a fully fledged and unique production of decorative glass, evolving over time to reach world-renown fame.

The initial incentive to this production mirrored to a great extent the growth of the Republic of Venice as a trading center and its extensive contacts with territories and cultures bordering on the Mediterranean, where glass making traditions were already well established. Glassmaking practices experienced great evolution following the conquest of Constantinople in 1204 and by the end of the Century, Venetian glassmakers had adapted many of the imported techniques into their own production techniques to obtain unique artistic results.

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SOURCE: https://www.lifeinitaly.com

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