How young Neapolitans use catacombs to advance their future

Aug 28, 2021 227

BY: Lidija Pisker

When you think of places to go to in Naples, the Sansevero chappel, Spanish quarter or Via dei Tribunali in the city center usually come to mind. Although equally exciting, the infamous Rione Sanità neigborhood hasn’t been on the tourist radar. On the contrary, both visitors and locals avoided it because of its bad reputation caused by crime, drug deal and murders.

Or so it was until some years ago when the area started to change thanks to a group of young residents who founded the La Paranza social cooperative and won a tender to invest in the renovation of the then abandoned Catacombs of San Gennaro, situated in the northern part of the suburb. Then they have cleaned up the area, fixed the electrical system, formed the guides and started showing hitherto unknown curiosities of ‘underground Naples’ to foreign and domestic visitors.

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