Italian-American Atalanta: US investors hold 55% of the club, but management remains with the Percassi

Feb 19, 2022 282

BY: Andrea Elefante and Carlo Laudisa

Atalanta in US orbit: to enter the future even more firmly. This explains the sale of a package of shares, which would be 55%, to a group of US entrepreneurs, with an important Italian-American component. Imminent sale: closing expected by next week, it cannot be ruled out that it will already take place on Monday. But the management of the company will still be firmly in the hands of the Percassi family.

The current majority shareholders, who returned to the head of the company almost 12 years ago, will be left with 45% of the package: and this is the most eloquent proof of how the Bergamo soul will still be prevalent and motivated to plan an increasingly ambitious tomorrow. The new partners were the first to understand that the Atalantine miracle should not be distorted.

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