An Italian American's passion with Cefalu leads to creation of "Family Ties" facebook group

Nov 19, 2021 217

BY: Sandy Marsiglia Berry

"My paternal grandparents were born in Cefalu, Sicily, a small town in the Province of Palermo. They separately immigrated to the U.S. and ended up in Baltimore, and married at St. Leo's in June 1917. I have been conducting family research for several years and came across a 1928 article from the Baltimore Sun. 

I was thinking about how many ancestors of these 20,000-plus Cefalu immigrants there must be by now! In 2020 while trying to connect with others who have relatives from Cefalu, I created the Facebook group, Family Ties to Cefalu, Sicily, Italy. My group has 727 members and growing. Many live(d) in the greater Baltimore area or their family had been from - or immigrated to - Baltimore. 

Some live around the U.S. and a few in other countries. We share photos, family stories, recipes, and more. Several of us have found extended family members through the group. I also share this Neighborhood News with the group ... several generations who have been a part of the Baltimore area for well over 100 years."

SOURCE: Promotion Center for Little Italy, Baltimore

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