Italian dream double at World Swimming Championships: gold by Paltrinieri and silver by Acerenza in the 10 km

Jun 30, 2022 518

An Italian double in the 10 km cross-country at the ongoing World Swimming Championships in Budapest. Taking the gold was Gregorio Paltrinieri, who had already climbed to the top step of the podium in the 1500 freestyle, and won the bronze medal in the marathon relay and silver in the 5 km on Lupa Lake. But alongside him on the second step of the podium was another Italian, 27-year-old Domenico Acerenza from Potenza, who thus took the silver medal.

Immediately after the conclusion of the race Greg Paltrinieri, not hiding "the fear of a restart without medals after the disappointment of the 800," could not help but rejoice and be happy for the new triumph together with his friend Acerenza: "The most beautiful thing is to have done first and second: we are best friends and being on the podium together is wonderful. We wanted to get here and we succeeded, in the water I could feel him touching my feet, I felt at home and enjoyed it."

Also over the moon was the 27-year-old from Potenza, who won the silver medal: "It was a perfect race, it feels like a dream. And if it is a dream wake me up." Acerenza, speaking about his gold-winning friend to the microphones of RaiSport, told of the relationship that unites them, "Greg and I are super friends, we made this choice to train together, because we trust each other." And the silver winner then commented on the race, "In the race I was very lucid, I conserved energy for the final sprint, when Gregorio went away I went in his wake. Of course, he was too strong to catch up."

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