Italian general chosen to lead EU military committee

Nov 10, 2017 686


The top general in Italy’s armed forces was elected Tuesday to lead the EU’s highest military body as the bloc gears up for greater integration of defense and security initiatives.The general, Claudio Graziano, has served as chief of the Italian Defense General Staff since March 2015. He was selected by the EU’s chiefs of defense to be the next chairman of the European Union Military Committee, the current chairman, Greek General Mikhail Kostarakos, told a news conference.

The committee advises EU leaders on all military and defense matters within the EU, and its role is likely to broaden as a result of the current push for enhanced defense cooperation, particularly on spending. Such intensified coordination is viewed as an important test of provisions in the EU treaties allowing a so-called “multi-speed” Europe, in which some initiatives may be pursued even if they are not supported unanimously by all member countries.

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