Italy and coffee: a love story no one dares to question

Apr 14, 2016 579

Even if the passion for kava is common to most countries in the world, with some (I am looking at you, Finland) even consuming more of it per capita than Italy itself, the relationship we Italians have with our favourite beverage is the stuff of legend: always ready to criticise a less-than-heavenly brew, we will judge your hosting capabilities on the basis of how good your coffee is, and no moment of relax is considered as such without one touching our lips.

Coffee in Italy goes hand in hand with another word: café, or "bar" as we say. Thing is that what "bar" means in Italy is very much different from what it means in the US – and in most of the Anglo-saxon world, as a matter of fact – because, contrarily to the US conception of it, an Italian "bar"'s world does not go around alcohol, but coffee.

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Fonte: L'italo-Americano

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