Italy of Things: Smart home projects propelling €1.55bn Italian IoT market

Jun 07, 2015 666

By Federico Guerrini

The Internet of Things sector market may be worth trillions of dollars, and Italy's no slouch when it comes to spending on connected objects. According to recent research from the Polytechnic of Milan, the IoT market in the country was worth €1.55bn last year.

"We estimate that in 2014 there were more than eight million 'smart objects' connected to mobile networks in Italy, which is an increase of 33 percent increase over the previous year, accounting for €1.15bn of market value," head of research at the Polytechnic of Milan's Internet of Things Observatory Giovanni Miragliotta told ZDNet. "To this, we added another €400m coming from machines that use other protocols to connect: like Wireless M-Bus, Bluetooth Low Energy, or wi-fi."

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