It’s Time To Give ‘Swept Away’s Lina Wertmuller Her Honorary Oscar

Aug 15, 2017 1129

BY: Harvey Weinstein

When Sophia Loren calls, you have a number of options. You can stand at attention, or you can say hello while you’re standing at attention. I chose both – with Sophia I always do. I worship her for her brilliant acting and as a link to the Italian cinema that has given me so much joy, and while we did Nine together, as a person, Sophia Loren is a ten.

She always laughs first with a throaty, wonderful, and infectious laugh and then, in her charming English, “I think,” she says, “it’s time for Lina Wertmuller to receive an honorary Oscar.” She pauses just to make sure it registers and trust me, when she’s on the phone, it all registers. I can’t help but replaying those great Wertmuller movies in my head and wondering why people even waited so long.

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