La Maddalena: a dream archipelago

May 16, 2022 195

About sixty islands, islets and rocks form the first Historical and Environmental Geominerary Park in the world, but also the first national park in Sardinia, protected since 1994; in 2017 Legambiente and the Touring Club awarded the area five sails for the quality of bathing water and efficiency of services.

Beyond the awards and numbers, the Maddalena Archipelago National Park fascinates for its unique mix of crystal clear waters with incredible colors - turquoise, emerald green, turquoise, emerald green, light blue and deep blue follow one another from cove to cove surprising at every glance - soft dream beaches, granite rocks with pinkish shades, scenic harbors and expanses of fragrant Mediterranean scrub, where juniper, myrtle, heather, euphorbia and mastic trees mark the landscape.

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