Made in Italy music conquers foreign countries

Jan 31, 2023 182

The Italian music industry is also growing in terms of exports. Maneskin are confirmed as the most listened to Italian artists in the world, but classics and electronic music still play an important role. This is what emerges from the first report of Italian music abroad by Siae and Italia Music Export.

Between 2018 and 2021 there was a 7.6 percent growth in revenues from copyright abroad. As the report points out, a new generation of performers and authors, driven by the global success of Maneskin, is increasingly expanding the boundaries of Italian music, along with great classics and Italian electronic music that increase the specific weight of our repertoire in the global market.

2021 was a year with decidedly growing revenues for the Italian record industry internationally, a trend that continued in the first half of 2022. This is also due to the great success of the Italian band Maneskin: in first position as authors on streaming platforms at the European level but also leading the charts of the best performing Italian authors globally and the most listened to authors under 35 in the world.

Moreover, taking into consideration streaming platforms alone, in Europe their "I Wanna Be Your Slave" and "Zitti e Buoni" take the top two places. Alongside the Roman band, there are still many classics and milestones of Euro dance that continue to be a certainty for Italian music abroad, with Eiffel 65 still among the most listened to in the world.

Urban, after its incredible domestic success, has also begun to look abroad. If one goes to analyze the ranking of the most listened to Italian authors under 35 in the world in fourth place is Rocco Hunt, in fifth place Zef, followed by thasup, Charlie Charles, Mahmood, Capo Plaza, Sfera Ebbasta and many others.

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