Making art with saucepans: Benvenuto Cellini's Perseus

Aug 01, 2022 376

BY: Francesca Bezzone

When we think about the quintessential Renaissance artist, thoughts – quite rightly – go almost immediately to Leonardo or Michelangelo, and only those with a passion for and some knowledge of art history would mention Benvenuto Cellini. But the Florentine goldsmith is as much a complete artist in his essence and work, as his more famous, above-mentioned colleagues.

Cellini was born in 1500, the second child of a musician and music instruments builder, Giovanni. Giovanni wanted a music career for him, but gold and silver were young Benvenuto’s real passion and so, he became a goldsmith. He worked, throughout his career, in Florence, Siena, Bologna, Rome, Ferrara, and France, but what makes him a real example of pure Renaissance artistic flair is how he mastered more than one art: he wasn’t only a goldsmith, but also a musician, a sculptor, and a writer. 

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