Marche: Fermo, an ancient hamlet to be discovered

Sep 02, 2021 362

The ancient Roman city of Fermo stands perched on Mount Sabulo slopes and a few kilometres from the coast. A typical medieval village nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini Mountains, Fermo has two faces: the historical part, located on the top of the hill Sabulo and remained almost intact over the centuries, and a new part in the area below, where recent buildings blend with historical ones, giving a pleasant mix of ancient and modern.

Visiting Fermo is a continuous discovery. It takes you through the ups and downs of its steep and narrow alleys. Then it opens into large and airy open spaces where the spectacular natural and urban landscapes leave the visitor breathless. Far from mass tourism, Fermo is often a destination for slow tourism. It is worth spending a few days in Fermo without submitting to the frenetic rhythms typical of quick getaways. Let’s see together the main places of interest of this hidden jewel of Le Marche.

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