Mattis, Italian Counterpart Reaffirm U.S.-Italian Defense Relationship

Feb 15, 2018 676

During their meeting in Rome yesterday, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis and Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti discussed the close U.S.-Italian defense partnership that is built upon a long history of mutual respect and shared values, as well as robust cooperation bilaterally and through NATO, chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana W. White said in a statement

The two ministers discussed ongoing operations in Afghanistan, the Middle East andAfrica, as well as the new U.S. National Defense Strategy, which underscores the importance of the NATO alliance, White said. Mattis praised Italy`s important contributions to coalition operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, where Italy is the second largest contributor of troops after the U.S., White said, adding that Mattis noted the significant role that the Italian national police and army are undertaking to train host-nation security forces.

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