Michelangelo 'self-portrait' found in poetess sketch

Mar 22, 2018 1131

Michelangelo may have hidden a self-portrait in a sketch of an aristocratic woman poetess friend held in the British Museum, a new study from a Brazilian university says. The study by art expert Deivos de Campos of Porto Alegre's federal university of health science says
the Renaissance genius hid a caricature of himself in the 1525 sketch of Vittoria Colonna.

The small outline of a man hunched over a painting can be seen if you carefully scan the ink lines of the folds in the noblewoman's dress, around the abdomen area, de Campo says. The expert says the man's shape resembles a self-caricature the artist sketched in 1509 on the side of a sonnet dedicated to his friend and fellow artist Giovanni da Pistoia

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SOURCE: http://www.ansa.it

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