The Mille Miglia, a ninety-year-old wonder

May 17, 2017 1328

The famous long-distance Mille Miglia car race held its first edition in 1927: it turns 90 this year, and will celebrate with its 35th commemorative parade, scheduled from Thursday May 18th to Sunday the 21st: Brescia to Rome and back, as always. Indeed, as we publish this post, engines are revving up for their tests and everyone is preparing for the punching ceremony in Piazza della Vittoria.

But 2017 is not only the 90th anniversary of the race. It marks 70 years from 1947, when the competition resumed after five years of intermission during the Second World War. On June 22nd that year, Clemente Biondetti won on the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B coupé Touring.

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