Montecatini, Italy’s most elegant spa town

Sep 18, 2022 437

BY: Giulia Franceschini

Montecatini Terme is, perhaps, the most famous among all spa towns in Italy. Its historical and natural importance, as well as fame, are such that it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage as one of Europe’s great spa towns. Located in the Valdinievole, Montecatini Terme is not far from cities like Lucca, Florence, and Pisa, which means your stay there could easily double into an art-focused vacation without much of an effort.

Characterized by its Art Nouveau and Neo-Gothic architecture, Montecatini is in itself a beautiful place to explore. The health benefits of its waters were known already to the ancient Romans who, we all know, had a passion for spas and baths; mention of their presence is made by Alessandro Bicchierai in Dei Bagni di Montecatini (“about the Montecatini spa”), a text published in 1788, where he states that archaeological excavations in the area brought to light several Roman votive statuettes. 

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