Our History: the Sicilian Flag

Jul 01, 2022 313

Every Sicilian in the world recognizes this flag – it is the Sicilian flag and brings to us a lot of memories and feelings. Maybe you recognize the flag too, but most of the Sicilians don’t know its history and meaning – What is the name of the head with three legs? Why is it red and yellow? How old is this flag?

The origin of this flag dates back to 1282, during the “Sicilian Vesper“, the rebellion of Sicilians against Angevins; having a flag was very important because it represented the Sicilian people against the stranger ruler. The colours of the flag, red and yellow, are the colours of Palermo and Corleone (also famous because of the movie “the godfather“), first two cities in which revolt started.

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SOURCE: https://sicilianfoodculture.com

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