Piedmont Style And Grace: The Inspired Story Of Denise Pardini

Jun 25, 2019 169

BY: Tom Hyland

There are many who dream about taking on a new adventure and then there are those who actuallly fulfill that dream. Denise Pardini, manager of the Castello di Sinio, a refurbished 12th century castle in Piedmont, and chef at the property’s restaurant, clearly belongs to the latter category.

There are several impressive things about Pardini realizing this aspiration, not the least of which is the fact that she is not an Italian native, but rather an American with Italian roots (her descendants were from Lucca) who grew up in the San Francisco area. Consider also the fact that she never went to culinary school, yet has become an outstanding chef, is even more remarkable. Today, that her restaurant at Castello di Sinio, located just outside the Barolo production zone, is highly regarded by not only the tourists that dine there, but even more importantly, by the local wine producers, is evidence of her talent and hard work. “I have been well received by the Langheroli (the adjective for the residents of the district where the castello is located),” she remarks.

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SOURCE: https://www.forbes.com/

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