Pitti Uomo: why this Italian fashion festival is suddenly taking over your Instagram feed

Jun 23, 2019 301

BY: Caitlin McBride

In the social media generation of fashion, street style reigns supreme. While the streets of Milan, New York, Paris and London are awash with style insiders for two weeks of the year, the city of Florence, Italy is a sea of colour twice annually as 'menswear mecca' Pitti Uomo takes place every January and June.

It attracts a crowd of impeccably dressed (mostly) men and some women of all ages and occupations, the common thread that weaves them together being a distinct love of fashion. Pitti Uomo isn't a new event (it was first launched in 1972), but as content is king on social media, this functional fashion festival has transformed from a trade show into an opportunity to showcase an #OOTD with the best dressed men in the world.

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SOURCE: https://www.independent.ie

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