In Pompei the story of 8,000 years of vines and wine’s history from Georgia to Campania

Aug 29, 2023 129

The first major city that unified the wine trade from the Middle East to the Mediterranean and throughout Europe, and which upholds the long-standing traditions of Italian cuisine that are exported around the globe, Pompei will be the backdrop to tell 8,000 years of history of vine and wine from Georgia to Campania, between culture, art and science, retracing the ancient wine routes and to understand the evolution of vine cultivation, but also to rediscover the most ancient flavours and plates “crystallised” under the ashes of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

On the 2nd and 3rd of September, the UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological Park is hosting a “Convivium” (WineNews will follow its work, ed) dedicated to the antiquity of “vitae” and wine, with scholars, producers and chefs comparing and a tasting journey through the wines of 40 companies from Georgia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Greece and Italy, shared with the Embassies of Georgia, Greece and Cyprus and with the contribution of the Italian Embassy in Tbilisi, to arrive in Campania with a significant cellars selection and five Consortiums of “Campania Felix” (Vitica Caserta, Sannio Dop, Vesuvio Dop, Vini d’Irpinia, Salernum Vitae).

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