Porto Badisco - popular southern Italian beach town with literary significance

Sep 28, 2019 210

BY: Anthony Barbuto

Italian Enthusiasts know that Italians love “taking” sun just as much as they love “taking” their espresso.  For me, I enjoy a nice beach day every now and then for maybe, 3-4 hours, but for many Italians during the summer months, it’s an everyday, all-day, affair.  Last month while in the southern Puglia area of Salento, I joined my local friends for a day at the beach – an opportunity I could not miss. 

Many of Italy’s most beautiful beaches are in Salento, and being that my friends are natives of Salento, I was confident that my experience with them would be extraordinary. We arrived in a beach town along the Adriatic coast called Porto Badisco, which is in the municipality of Otranto, in the province of Lecce

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SOURCE: https://italianenthusiast.com

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