A remote town in Italy has only two residents but the elderly pair still wear face masks and social distance: 'I'm dead scared of the virus'

Oct 18, 2020 106

BY: Frank Olito

Giovanni Carilli and Giampiero Nobili are the only two residents in their small Italian town — but they're still taking the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic seriously. The elderly pair live in Nortosce, a town in Umbria that is difficult to get in and out of, which means Carilli, 82, and Nobili, 74, are often the only ones in the town. Despite the remoteness, they're still adhering to Italy's coronavirus guidelines

They make sure they're always standing at least 6 feet apart. When they get together for espresso, they sit on opposite ends of a 6-foot table. When they have to collect fresh water at a fountain, they wear their masks on the walk. "I'm dead scared of the virus," Carilli told CNN Travel. "If I get sick, I'm on my own, who would look after me? I'm old, but I want to keep living here looking after my sheep, vines, beehives, and orchard. Hunting truffles and mushrooms. I enjoy my life."

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SOURCE: https://www.msn.com

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