Renzo Piano offers new bridge design for his beloved Genoa

Sep 08, 2018 552

BY: Nicole Winfield

Architect Renzo Piano has offered a new bridge design for his beloved hometown of Genoa to replace the one that collapsed last month, killing 43 people, saying it must be built to last 1,000 years and be "simple, solid ... but not banal." Piano joined city and regional officials on Friday to present the plans for the new bridge, which officials hope to have operational by November 2019.

Piano said it would likely be built in steel and recall the shape of a ship in a nod to Genoa's maritime tradition. "A bridge that falls is terrible, because a bridge is a symbol," Piano told a press conference in Genoa. "Bridges shouldn't fall. They can't fall. They're a symbol that unifies, that brings things together." 

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