From the Romans to Murano: the colorful world of murina glass as you have never seen it

Jul 23, 2019 302


The purity and beauty of Venetian glass is known worldwide: a precious and ancient tradition that speaks of quality, beauty, elegance and creativity. At the heart of Venice’s artistic glass production is the tiny island of Murano and it’s there our journey through the history and making of murine (or murrina) is about to start.

We’ll travel in time, all the way to the Roman Empire, and through places to visit ancient Rome and the grandiose Alexandria of Egypt, where the art of murrina glass — although it wasn’t call like that, yet — is said to have been born. During this short, but eventful trip through ages and lands, we’ll discover why Murano is, today, the home of the best murine makers and why these tiny, colorful pieces of glass are so precious.

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