The Sacra di San Michele, a charming medieval abbey in Val di Susa

Feb 05, 2021 300

The Sacra di San Michele, an ancient medieval abbey in Val di Susa, is one of the landmarks of the Piedmont. It is also one of the most enchanting places in Italy, important not only for tourism, but also for Italian history and literature. A source of inspiration for countless forms of art, it has always evoked an intense mystical atmosphere frozen in time.

The correct denomination of the Sacra di San Michele is actually Abbazia di San Michele della Chiusa. It is a monastic complex perched on the top of Mount Pichiriano, in the Municipality of Sant'Ambrogio di Torino, just 40 km from the Piedmontese capital. It seems to merge into the summit at almost 1000 meters above sea level and completely dominates the valley, offering beautiful images from any perspective.

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