Sanctuary of St Romedio in Val di Non: one of Europe’s most suggestive locations

Oct 23, 2021 241

BY: Marco Fogliazza

In Italy there are incredible and wonderful places with a lot of history. In particular, in the Trentino area there is one of the most characteristic refuges of Europe. It is the Sancturay of St Romedio In Val di Non, a mangnificent example of classic Christian art from the Middle Ages, built on top of a spur of rocks 700 meter high. This place is a pilgrimage destination and many are the worshippers that walk this beautiful path that takes them to the sanctuary.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most scenic and suggestive walks to find out and appreciate the beauty of the area of the Trentino. Here you will be able to know this incredible place and you will learn about the history and myths revolving around it. Furthermore, you will learn how to reach the retreat of the Sanctuary of St Romedio and get to know some relevant facts.

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