Sassicaia is the most sought-after Italian wine according to the “Top 100 Most Searched-For Wines”

Dec 30, 2021 372

In the world of the web, the reference point, the origin of any search, is Google, the most widely used search engine and the answer to every question, or almost every question. If, however, the doubt or curiosity concerns a bottle of wine, the right place - however virtual - is “Wine-Searcher”, the reference portal for wine lovers all over the world, which every day processes more than a million searches, involving almost 400,000 labels, reporting on market trends and certification of this or that wine.

The “Top 100 Most Searched-For Wines” (December 2021), which closes the year, is dominated as always by French wines, but Italy is also well represented, with 9 labels. The only one among the top ten (and this is certainly not a novelty) is Tenuta San Guido’s Sassicaia, at position no. 6 (it was no. 8 in June, ed.).

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