Sipping Italy: 5 Italian white wines to drink in summer

Aug 14, 2021 332

BY: Giulia Di Felice

Hot summer evenings have always been the setting of our best memories. But there is one thing that cannot miss from said best memories: a nice glass of wine. Since ancient times, wine has always been considered as something so delicious, that had to be shared with other people thus ending up being associated to moments of conviviality. Already the ancient Romans associated it to parties and celebrations.

So, imagine a nice summer evening, a terrace and a few friends. A starry sky, high temperatures, chat, good food and fine wine, of course white, to accompany the evening to spread some cheer. White wine because, thanks to its features and its lightness, it lends itself to summer evenings. That is why we have put together a list of 5 Italian white wines to drink in summer.

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