Six villas for sale in Italy, designed by great architects

Jul 03, 2022 333

BY: Chiara Testoni

Even though Shakespeare's Mercutio said that "dreams are the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy", everyone has dreamt of a "house of wonders": a villa, perhaps perched on soft green hills, in a bucolic and unspoilt countryside, or caressed by the breeze and scents of the Mediterranean maquis with a spectacular sea view.

Anywhere, in short, as long as there is an exciting landscape to frame a welcoming and refined home that does not neglect the pleasures of luxury, where one can feel pampered and sheltered, in harmony with nature and oneself; and even better if the work of architecture is signed by a famous designer, to whom the client confides his desires either because he is driven by the reassuring appreciation of the critics or because he knows perfectly well the profile and sensitivity and knows that only that architect can give form to the insubstantial matter of dreams.

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