This strapping gay '60s singer-songwriter shook up the Italian music world in a big way

Feb 03, 2023 275

Singer-songwriter Umberto Bindi truly knew how to write a tune. Yet, even with a warm and inviting vocal, his own recordings of his songs never seemed to be the ones that took off. His 1959 debut record “Arrivederci” didn’t hit the tops of the Italian Hit Parade singles chart ’til the Don Marino Barreto Jr. version released, which went on to be the best performing Italian single of that year.

His 1960 song “Il nostro concerto” didn’t take off until being performed by Miranda Martino in New York, after which it ruled the singles chart for over two months. His biggest crossover song into the English-speaking world was likewise with the help of another voice. This time, his 1963 song “Il mio mondo” saw itself translated and redone by English singer and TV presenter Cilla Black as “You’re My World”. 

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