A stroll through Matera, Italy makes the case for pedestrian-first cities

Jan 19, 2018 860


A Volkswagen bug sits on top of a limestone column, squashed by one final, huge block. The sculpture, by famed Italian artist Antonio Paradiso, stands at the entrance to an outdoor gallery housed in an old abandoned quarry not far from Matera, a small town in the Italian southern province of Basilicata. The metaphor is not a subtle one.

"I think this was Paradiso's way of saying how he felt about the automobile," says my guide Dora Cappiello, who was born in Matera and in 2000 returned to start a business specializing in bespoke tourism. "It's a good representation for Matera – here there are many streets where cars simply can't go."

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SOURCE: https://www.theglobeandmail.com

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