Ten Italian Books To Read This Summer

Jun 08, 2020 388

BY: Francesca Bezzone

Let’s talk about Summer and about ten Italian books perfect for the warmer months of the year. Ideally, the Summer is a time to unwind. Of course, it’s not always like that, but we’re all more likely to take it easy when it’s hotter than when it snows, right? And, in the end, most of us do get their yearly vacation in the Summer months, so let’s leave it at that: yes, the Summer *is* a time to unwind.

Reading is the quintessence of relaxation, or so we think here at lifeinitaly, so what’s better than enjoying some well-deserved rest while feeding your love and interest for all that is Italian? We propose here ten Italian books, from novels to thrillers, from classics to historical publications, entirely made and set in Italy. 

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SOURCE: https://www.lifeinitaly.com

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