The Casa Rossa in Anacapri: made for idleness

Mar 04, 2015 888

The Casa Rossa (or Red House) in Anacapri, in the province of Naples, peaks through the memories recorded by Alberto Savinio – a master of Italian literature, although he was born in Athens, Greece – in what became the “Capri” collection, published in 1988 by Adelphi.

“Gray sky. Great clouds sweep the top of Mount Solaro. On the road that cuts through Anacapri, I look for the passage going up the mountain. Past Santa Sofia, I discover a red house, a mix of Moorish and Byzantine stiles. The inscription above the entrance welcomes me, ‘Hello, inhabitant of Apragopoli’. The emperor was right: there I was, elected honorary citizen of the city of idleness.”

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