The engine behind Italy’s fast-growing sharing economy is tourism, report says

Nov 15, 2015 429

by Alessia Maccaferri

Bucking a trend in other countries where the so-called sharing economy is focused on on-demand services, which slash costs and boost profits, in Italy, there's been an attempt to go in another direction more similar to peer-to-peer, collaboration, and alternative business models. The new 2015 map of Italy's sharing economy, published by in partnership with Phd Italia, highlights one phenomenon in particular, the tourism sector. Of 118 platforms that were mapped out (excluding crowdfunding), 22 are tourism-related.

Alongside big overseas players like AirBnb, smaller platforms are multiplying (Curioseety, GoCambio, Guidemeright, Native Cicerone, PiacereMilano, Tourango, Zestrip) that facilitate contact between tourists and locals. Experimental platforms like StanbyMi try to link offers received with guidebooks for tourists.

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