There are suddenly tons of Italian cars for sale in the United States — here they all are

May 06, 2016 691

"The next wave of Italians has come to America," a 2010 commercial for the Fiat 500 proclaimed.

Brightly-colored examples of the itty-bitty city car slid around typical Italian alleyways paved with cobblestones and then ... dove suddenly into the sea, to then emerge from the depths on the beaches of Brooklyn.

Jump forward a few years, and we now have more Italian cars in the US than at any time in recent memory. After they retreated from North America 27 years ago — plagued by a reputation for unreliability — Fiat is solidly back, now offering three models of the 500 and many variations of each. The 124 Spyder roadster will become available to customers later this year.

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