Tommy Lasorda field unveiled in Tollo, Italy

May 16, 2022 835

BY: Marco Landi and Roberto Angotti

It was a weekend of smiles, emotions and memories last weekend in Tollo, Italy for Laura Lasorda, daughter of Tommy and Jo Lasorda. Accompanied with an entourage of friends and family, Laura Lasorda visited Tollo tracing the ancestral roots of her grandfather Sabatino Lasorda, who left this small town known for its fine Abruzzese cuisine and wine in the province of Chieti to look for a better life in the United States.

WIth Laura Lasorda and Sister City ambassador Roberto Angotti serving as witnesses inside Tollo City Hall, Tollo Mayor Angelo Radica signed the official Sister City agreement with Fullerton, California on Saturday morning, May 7, 2022 in honor of Tommy Lasorda and his parents, Sabatino and Carmella Lasorda.

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