Tourist head-butts Venice gondolier 'over a selfie'

Sep 19, 2019 331

A visitor to Venice attacked one of the city's gondoliers after he stopped the tourist from borrowing his boat to take a selfie, according to reports. The incident, first reported in local newspaper La Nuova di Venezia, took place near the Bareteri bridge in the heart of the historic centre, where a group of four apparently climbed aboard a stationary gondola to take pictures.

The gondolier told them to disembark and a fight ensued, according to La Nuova, which says that the gondolier was knocked to the ground by a punch from one of the tourists. A video filmed by onlookers and shared on Facebook shows a man jostling and threatening a gondolier, knocking off his traditional straw hat before head-butting him and hitting his face. In the minute-and-a-half clip, the gondolier argues with the man but does not hit him back.

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