TramJazz in Rome: An adventure in music

Sep 16, 2021 226

If you’re looking for a really original way to get to know Rome, if you want to discover the secret of the dreamy atmosphere that makes it so truly unique and inimitable, try a trip on Tramjazz.The Stanga 1947 model isn’t just any old tram; it’s a legendary vehicle, the first “bendy-tram” in the capital, the jewel of the historical collection of ATAC, the city’s urban transport company.

Stanga 1947

But it still works perfectly, just like it did on an October morning seven decades ago when it started its run through the Rome streets along route 37 from Piazza Bainsizza to Piazza Cavour. And now, completely restored and restructured, this tram has been turned into an elegant mobile restaurant and concert hall.

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