Travelers Can Now Rent an Updated Version of This Iconic Italian Car

Aug 16, 2019 613

BY: Evie Carrick

As if exploring Italy’s countryside by car wasn't romantic enough, you can now make the trip in a reimagined Spiaggina — the iconic, oh-so-Italian car from the 1960s. The updated version of the classic maintains its original charm, but boasts an electric motor, automatic transmission, and five-inch digital screen (to make sure your romantic Italian drive, stays romantic).

The remake of the Italian icon was completed by Milan’s custom auto design house Garage Italia and comes in the form of a Fiat 500 Jolly “Spiaggina” Icon-e. This summer, Italian roadtrippers can rent the tailor-made Fiat 500 from Hertz Italy and bask in nostalgia while taking advantage of custom-built features like rear-wheel drive, heritage bodywork, and of course, an eco friendly, retro-fitted electric motor.

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