Treccani Gusto, Italian food dictionary is online

Jul 07, 2018 445

The digital Dictionary of Italian PDO and PGI products, edited by Treccani Gusto in cooperation with Qualivita Foundation, is now online. Its release was announced last January, when the Year of Italian Food in the World began. This is the first digital dictionary of encyclopedic nature on the agricultural, food, and wine heritage of Italy, with a checklist 821 headwords (526 referring to wines and 295 to food) that define the production of Italian Geographical Indications: from the ‘A’ of the Abbacchio Romano to the ‘Z’ of Zampone di Modena.

Thanks to the approximately 600,000 unique daily accesses to our website – says Massimo Bray, General Manager of Treccani– the Italian excellent food products can now rely on a new and important tool for the protection of their unique identity and characteristics. The latter will now be increasingly connected, even worldwide, counting on a better communication of the cultural values of Italian food products

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