A Truly Authentic Italian Experience: How the Madrina Club’s Rich History is Inspiring an Online Empire

May 18, 2022 230

What comes to mind when one thinks of Italian culture is amazing food, family traditions, breathtaking architecture, landscapes, luxury fashion and goods. It is no secret that the official brand of “made in Italy” holds an immense amount of global respect and notoriety as it pertains to fashion and consumer goods, perhaps it is the way the brand translates to the rest of the world that makes the difference.

Introducing The Madrina Club — an online retail store featuring inspiring local artisan products and a one-stop destination for planning the ultimate Southern Italian travel adventure. Founded in 2021 by Anna Marie Amoresano, The Madrina Club is a byproduct of a unique Italian-American upbringing, rooted in heritage, tradition, and culture. 

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SOURCE: https://www.einnews.com

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