Turin, Italy, an inspiration for Detroit's recovery, facing new setbacks

Dec 01, 2019 641

BY: John Gallagher

At the dawn of this century, Detroit looked for inspiration to other cities that had managed dramatic comebacks after years or decades of decline. Berlin, Germany, was one. Bombed to ashes by the Allies during World War II, Berlin had re-emerged as one of the great capitals of Europe. And another inspiration was Turin, Italy, or Torino as the Italians say.

Turin, the home of Fiat, lost tens of thousands of jobs in the early 1990s when Fiat almost failed. Factories stood vacant and a sense of despair settled on the city, much as the domestic automotive collapse had devastated Detroit. But under a visionary mayor, Dr. Valentino Castellani, whom I got to know when he visited Detroit, Turin overcame its woes with a broad-based campaign to reinvent itself.

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SOURCE: https://eu.freep.com

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