Umbria and Jazz. Who Knew?

Jul 22, 2016 686

By Jessica Andrews

When I was in Umbria I stopped off at a small family-run winery just outside of Spello. Enrico, the nephew of the owner (the only one who spoke English well enough to give the tour to an American) was on Spring holiday from the university in Perugia, a fact that he mentioned several times during my hour with him.

It just so happened that I was the only visitor on that mid-March day, and when Enrico found out it was my first time in Italy - and that I was alone - he began telling me about the wonders of his "bell'Umbria" in an accent so heavy it was difficult to decipher all of his words. Like a broken spigot in the "on" position, the words flowed on and on, describing Umbria's military positioning, gastronomic significance and artistic treasures.

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Fonte: L'italo-Americano

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